Tereré is a Paraguayan traditional drink that is considered an important piece of cultural heritage. This Guaraní drink is made of up medicinal plants or remedios yuyos served in a jug with plenty of ice. The remedios yuyos of tereré include natural plants like lemon or mint. The mate is placed in the jug with a bombilla, or specialized drinking straw, and shared among all the guests at the table. Paraguayan mate is different other types of mate because Paraguayans use a barbeque style drying process, giving it a smoky flavor and a distinctive aroma.

In Paraguay, due to the high temperatures, it is very common to drink tereré at any time. In the morning one drinks tereré rupa, this involves eating empanadas with cassava, or croquettes before drinking the tereré. It is also consumed after lunch, as an afternoon snack, and at dinner. Every Paraguayan child drinks tereré; it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. It is a drink that is enjoyed in groups, encouraging social interactions.

Near our restaurant, there is a Paraguayan school recognized by the Ministry of Education of Paraguay. On Saturdays, children are taught about Paraguayan customs, dances, food, language, culture, and other traditions of Paraguay (and of course about the tereré!)

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