There are two stories of the origin of the Sopa Paraguaya. One version says it was a part of the regular diet of indigenous people prior to the Spaniards arrival. It is said that when the Spaniards arrived in Guarani territory, they were received with pleasure by the locals who offered them meat, but did who not have enough to satisfy the Spaniards’ hunger. So the Guarani served their usual meal of soup, saying “Soo opa,” which means “the meat is finished.”

The second version has its origins in the nineteenth century and credits the recipe to the cook of Don Carlos Antonio Lopez, the president of Paraguay from 1841 to 1862. The cook wanted to make tykuetï, one of the president’s favorite foods, which is made from milk, cheese, eggs, and cornmeal, but she used more cornmeal than necessary and made the soup too thick. Without enough time to prepare anything else, she confessed her mistake to Don Carlos, who — to her relief — liked the concoction very much and gave it the name “Sopa Paraguaya”

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